18x22" ceramic mural seated in hand crafted cherry frame
18x22 mural seated in hand crafted cherry frame

Fox Run Tiles is dedicated to providing sensitively designed and individually handcrafted products of art in clay and wood for your pleasure. Rich in tradition and heritage, our equine motif epitomizes the spirit and freedom and our life long appreciation of all creatures. Horses, pets and wildlife are created in light and frolicking designs reflecting the joys our natural environment give us.

We make two types of designer tiles- pressed relief tiles and ceramic hand glazed tiles. Both can be used as pieces of art, inserted into wall designs and in an assortment of functional uses.

assortment of 6x6" ceramic tiles showing differnt color combinations to similiar style
assortment of 6x6" ceramic tiles

Ceramic hand glazed tiles in 4"x 4"and 6"x6" sizes. The artist has a unique style all her own as she uses delightfully colored glaze combinations in creating her images.Painted on ceramic tiles and murals, these "little paintings" may be framed as pieces of art or inserted directly into wall designs.

Collect our tiles as art pieces and murals, accent wall designs or use in a variety of special gifts such as trivets, coasters, trays and boxes.

"Imagine... and it can be done"

Custom one of a kind...  Are you imaging something special for your new wall tile project or accents for the top of door frames or fire place surrounds, or on special gifts such as handmade boxes and jewelry boxes? Feel free to call us and discuss your ideas.

Pressed relief tiles are made from Virginia red clay and are typically a little over 4"x4".  Each mold is individually designed and carved by the artist. Every tile is pressed, dipped or colored by hand.

Are you thinking about a new product to sell in your in-house store or as a commerative gift for customers? Once a mold is designed and created, these labor intensive tiles can be personalized and ordered in large quantities.