Our Company 
Vist each artist from the names above - Carol(graphics, photography) Greg (architect, fine art) 
Caitlin (ceramic tiles and murals) Will (designer of wood products and clay molds)

Our company's visionary, Carol Solis, grew up on a little farm nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. Having lived a frugal life, her appreciation for handmade items was heavily imprinted by her parents who made or “invented” most everything they needed. Carol realized that our fast-paced society may be losing appreciation for the traditions and the fine craftsmanship of the artisans who built this country with their hands. She and her husband’s shared mission for Fox Run Design is to focus on creating individually designed pieces of pleasing and functional art.

Did you ever wonder where antiques come from? They are made here at Fox Run Farm.  Unique children’s wooden horses become heirlooms as they are handed down from generation to generation. Individually designed ceramic murals will enrich the special places in your home decor for a lifetime.

The family’s interest and study of mold and tile making is inspired by the decorative tiles of Henry Mercer. Introducing reinforced steel concrete to this country in 1897, Mercer built his “castle” home, Font Hill, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and decorated the stark walls and floors with thousands of decorative tiles made in his studios.

Wooden Horse push toy gives daughter a little help with a new challenge
Wooden Horse push toy